sims 2 ds game was one of my favorite games growing up, even though it also scared the hell out of me. the game has an eerie, hotel california-like atmosphere that is extremely surreal and off-putting.

although the premise of the game was a simple hotel simulator, there were also a host of bizarre supblots, such as:

  • dealing with the mob
  • a cow cult in the basement
  • alien invasions
  • robot invasions
  • mummies
  • becoming a cat themed superhero
  • alien autopsies
  • discovering bigfoot
  • quite frankly, the game feels cursed


    the sims 2 ds game begins with the player crashing their car in strangetown.

    jebidiah s. jerky suggests that you check into the local hotel, since your engine has "more holes than a donut shop."

    upon arrival the player learns that the manager of the hotel left the previous day, and that there's a note at the check-in desk addressed to the player's character, declaring them the new manager of the hotel.

    the object of the game is to maintain the hotel, improve the hotel by building rooms and buying objects, and to assist the electic group of guests with their daily requests.

    the game ends once you defeat the final antaognist, optimum alfred.


    this game uses real-life time for many of it's mechanics, and is infamous for having skill poinst that are accessible only at bizarre times of day. because of this, many players may consider simply altering the clock on their ds.

    however, if you alter the clock while playing the sims 2, the game retaliates by calling you a "time-travelling cheater," and punishes you for it.

    upon re-entering the game, the player is treated to a cutscene of emperor xizzle leading an alien invasion in strangetown. additionally, the music is changed, it will now be pouring rain, and the player will only be able to move very, very slowly.

    honestly, the first time that this happened to me as a kid it freaked me out so much that i started an entirely new save file. it does alter your file draastically, i do not reccomend time skipping.

    did you ever play the sims 2 ds game?