2.17.24 | estate sale

Estate sale weekend! Went to one nearby in the morning, didn't expect a ton, but a couple of cute trinkets & cameras!

estate sale treasures:

  • 2 Vintage cameras! An tiny litttle brownie that I fell in love with and an old instant camera that I will have TROUBLE getting film for
  • A couple of lil trinkets!

  • 2.10.24 | antiques mall

    For my partners birthday, we drove an hour out to this huge ass antiques mall that I thought she would like. I was worreid that we wouldn't have scores, but boy was I wrong. I'd love to go there again!!


  • Tons of vintage photos! I need to go back there, they had a really good booth that I didn't spot until the end when I had to go
  • A couple of vintage postcards, some stellar collections

  • 2.03.24 | estate sale

    Man, I love estate sales. Went to just one and it looked pretty mid, but I found some nice treasures. My partner also scored an old photo album and a very old 7 year baby book.

    estate sale treasures:

  • A big pile of vintage Valentines, some really fun stuff
  • Wedgwood egg box that I got for $1 and people are selling for wayyyy more online
  • A handful of tiny Wade England ceramic houses that I grabbed on impulse and I'm obsessed with

  • 1.06.24 | estate sale

    Waited for about an hour outside in the pouring rain for this one, and I mean POURING. I was wearing a heavy coat & a sweatshirt and both were totally soaked through. Didn't manage to get my hand on what I wanted, but I did snag a Wedgwood tray & an old film camera.

    estate sale treasures:

  • Wedgwood tray
  • Vintage Minolta-A film camera
  • Tiny little deformed ceramic dog that enchanted me

  • 11.09.23 | estate sale & used bookstore

    Some nice estate sale finds! I was looking for photographs and also snagged a little Wedgwood box. It was obviosuly well loved, as it has been cracked & glued on the lid.

    estate sale treasures:

  • Wedgwood box
  • Vintage photos (including a tin type!)
  • Vintage strawberry buttons
  • An annotated Prolouge to the Knightes Tale from 1931

    used bookstore treasures:

  • The Rose & The Ring, Heritage Book Collection Edition from 1942
  • Edward Fitzgerald's tranlation of Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám from 1937. Includes GORGEOUS artwork

  • 10.21.23 | antique market event, 45~ minutes west

    Travelled out a bit to an antiques festival I've never been to before! Set up on a farm & formatted like a flea market, very cool.


  • Antique Photo Album
  • Some vintage postcards
  • Other vintage photos

  • 10.14.23 | estate sale

    My partner discovered a good estate sale online that we knew we had to get to early! Lots of ephemera & antiques, right up our alley.


  • Scored a couple of vintage french risque postcards. The illustration is truly lovely, and I've never found any out and about!
  • Mystery vintage photo lot. Looks like the photos follow 2 trips with a group of boys, many of the photos have labels on the back, which is a score.
  • Jade Wedgwood ashtray. I usually don't go for the ashtrays, but I love jade Wedgwood, & the center design interested me.

  • 10.7.23 | estate sale

    Estate saling for the sake of estate saling.


  • A women's cookbook from 1909. Now, cookbook aren't usually my thing, and this one is LITERALLY falling apart at the seams. But it's full of handwritten recipes & recipes that this women cut out of magazines & newspaper clippings. I was so charmed, and it was literally a dollar, so I had to snatch.

  • 9.20.23 | antique store in garmisch

    An unexpected gem! I was travelling with my family in Germany and we stumbled across a delightful little antique store. I wish I could have stayed longer! But I managed to grab some vintage sphto


  • Vintage photos

  • live love thrifting !!!