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In the simplest terms, Asexual people do not experience sexual attraction, or experience it extremely little. They are not drawn in by the desire to have sex with another person.

Asexuality should not be confused with celibacy, where people choose to not have sex. Asexual people simply do not experience sexual attraction, though they may choose to partake in sexual activites.

It is estimated that at least 1% of earth's population is asexual.


Asexuality is an extremely misunderstood and underrepresented sexual orientation.

Asexuality IS NOT:

  • Celibacy or choosing not to have sex
  • A hormone disorder
  • A choice
  • A fear of sex

    Asexual people CAN:

  • Have fullfilling romantic & platonic relationships
  • Have & enjoy sex


    Ace: Slang for asexual people

    Aro: Slang for aromantic people

    A-spec: People who fall on the asexual spectrum, can also inclue aromantic people

    Aro-spec: People who fall on the aromantic spectrum

    Asexual: People who experience little to no sexual attraction.

    Allosexual: People who experience sexual attraction

    Aromantic: A romantic orientation which does not experience romantic attraction

    The split-attraction model: A model commonly used in Aro/Ace communities to discuss romantic & sexual preferences

    QPR (queer-platonic relationship): A non-traditional non-/amigouosly-romantic relationship that is comprable to a life partnership. A relationship that is defined by both parties as more than just friends, and differs from the societal expectations of what a romantic relationship is like. People in a QPR might buy a house together, adopt kids together, and place each other's importance first in their lives.


    Asexual people don't want others to stop having sex. They literally could not care less if you want to have sex.

    However, every asexual person has a different relationship with the idea of participating in sexual activites.

    Sex-Favorable: Someone who enjoys having sex with other people

    Sex-Indifferent: Someone who is not opposed to the idea of havign sex, but doens't find it personally beneficial

    Sex-Averse: Someone who does not want to have sex

    Sex-Repulsed: Someone who is strongly disgusted by the idea of participating in a sexual experience


    The asexual flag consists of 4 colors, black, gray, white, and purple.

    The different stripes represent...

  • Black: Asexuality
  • Gray: Gray-asexuality
  • White: Non asexual partners & allies
  • Purple: Community


    The split attraction model is commonly used in the aro & ace communities to discuss romantic and sexual attraction. The idea behind this model is that some people's romantic and sexual preferences don't automatically align, not every asexual is often aromantic and vice versa.

    For example, someone who is asexual might still feel romantic attraction towards women. They might define themselves as lesbian & asexual

    On the other hand, someone who is aromantic may experience sexual attraction to all genders. They might define themselves as allosexual aromantic.

    The main purpose of the split attraction model is to help you find the words to express yourself if you find that you are struggling. Not all aro/ace people use it, and you don't have to!


    Asexuality is a spectrum! Not all asexual people experience the same thing. However, all sexualities under the asexual spectrum experience sexual attraction in a way that is different than the way allosexuals do.

  • Asexual: People who do not experience sexual attraction (or experience it extremely infrequently)
  • Demisexual: People who experience sexual attraction after a close bond has been formed with someone over time
  • Gray-sexual/Gray Ace: People who only experience sexual attraction infreqently

    In all cases, Asexual is often used as an umbrella term.


    The only one who can know if you're asexual is you. However, here is a list of things that many asexual people tend to experience that may help you out.

  • Disinterested in sex, or would rather do something else
  • Assumed you were straight becuase you didn't feel any attraction to another gender
  • On the flip side, assumed you're bi becuase you feel the same amount of attraction to everyone- but that level of attraction is zero
  • Wondering why people were dating so early when you were growing up because "you were just kids"
  • Enjoy sex in fiction but become reuplsed when approached in real life
  • If you've had sex, did you think it was kind of boring or over-hyped?
  • If you've had sex, did you do it just becuase you felt like it was expected of you?

  • I love being asexual <3